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The advent of social media platforms has seen a radical alteration in the way in which people communicate. The modern web also presents tectonic shifts in the ways people can collaborate, with shared documents, calendars, diaries and spreadsheets making working together easier, faster and more accurate.

Totaal build bespoke items of digital infrastructure for your company which helps you keep pace with this change and ahead of your competitors. From simple integrations which create composite social feeds or post your news and blog updates to your social channels right the way through to bespoke social networks and learning platforms, Totaal are with you every step of the way.

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Grow Bespoke Communities

As more people become comfortable with existing online the more we’re seeing that online communities are becoming more and more prominent. But what if you could build your own community, what if you could own the space where you do business or your project operates? Totaal build your business, organisation or project bespoke digital spaces to help change this paradigm.

These communities are not only changing the world as a whole, they’re changing the way we work. The bigger an organisation is, the greater the propensity to begin to work in silos dictated by team structures or geographic location. Companies often try to address this through changing working environments and corporate structures or social exercises like sports teams or the company night out. Totaal build infrastructure to support this socialisation alongside tools like group, project or team blogs and wikis which can aid cross-departmental working. We change this by building places where people can meet, share, learn and collaborate.

Integrating Your Site and Social Channels

Every one of our clients now have some sort of Social Media presence running alongside their website. Often it’s a case of parallel existences and you paddling furiously to keep updated, but it doesn’t have to be like this.

Totaal work with Social Media APIs (application programming interface) to help you integrate your social channels and your site, saving you time and keeping everything bang up to date all of the time. Want to publish YouTube videos to your site? No problem. Want your Instagram feed to appear on your About Us page? Cool. We’ll ensure that anything with an API can work for you.

It doesn’t have to be all about cool social media stuff though, it can be about nuts and bolts marketing and communications. For example, we can pull all of your news updates for the day/week/month into a regular digest and send that out to your subscribers. As long as there’s an API we can tame it.

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