It’s always been a bit of a puzzler for me quite why twitter let their client ecosystem blossom so enthusiastically, I blogged about it before a couple of times speculating here about whether they were finally making the move against clients with their lists feature.

Alex Payne, an engineer at Twitter and head of the API Team no less, put out the following Tweet:

“If you had some of the nifty site features that we Twitter employees have, you might not want to use a desktop client. (You will soon.)”

It might not sound like much but there’s now such a flourishing, healthy industry that has built up around Twitter clients that it has a lot of people fearing for their livelihoods. Twitter’s back house team are rumoured to have all manner of cool tools they use to develop things with and it seems that they might have now reached a point where they are able to integrate these into a more coherent stream, one that’s able to actually be deployed onto the site.

The Tweet was later clarified

Uh, everything I like that’s on the employees-only beta site is actually *built* on public API methods we’ve already given developers.


“I just mean that our web client team is building cool stuff. It’s going to inspire desktop app developers. Same data, new perspectives.”

But it seems as though the genie was well and truly out of the bottle as the rumours spread far and wide across, ironically enough, the Twittersphere. The jungle drums appear to be beating louder and louder when you consider that they have just hired UI Specialist Bryan Haggerty from LinkedIn and API Evangelist Taylor Singletary who all but confirmed his next port of call is but this rather lovely cryptic tweet.

Expect everything to be clarified at Twitter’s Chirp Conference taking place in San Francisco on April 14th. If anybody fancies getting me a plane ticket I’ll be eternally grateful.