VW have a long history of quality advertising – see here, here and here for examples of iconic VW ads – and it’s nice to see that this eye for quality has bled into their recent online work. VW’s Swedish agency, DDB Stockholm, have just released couple of videos and a teaser from their new campaign “The Fun Theory” which I think are stunningly good. If anybody read my recent, admittedly rather snarky, post about Samsung’s recent efforts then these vids are the absolute polar opposite.

Piano Stairs

World’s Deepest Bin

Bottle Arcade (Teaser)

I have to declare an interest at this point though, I adore VWs, especially some of the late 80s / early 90s examples. My first car was a gorgeous, but slightly careworn MkII Golf GTi which I nicknamed the Millenium Falcon, as much for its ability to make the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs as the alarming regularity that things fell off it. I loved that car and I love 80s Volkswagens – even more than the 60s equivalents – and somehow VW have managed to capture a bit of the fun of the Mk1 and Mk2 Golfs or the Sirocco.

I drive a Honda Civic estate now though so I might just be missing the old days.