The latest viral effort from the worlds largest conglomerate has been released to a fairly widespread derision.  South Korean megacorp Samsung generally create fairly decent technology but, unlike say Apple or Sony, they seem to have perennial problems with actually managing to be likable.

We are, after all, talking about the same company who thought it was a good move for their band to be plastered across the chests of Chelsea FC who are probably the least likable, most vulgar team in world football. Until new petrochemical kids on the block Manchester City came along Chelsea were the embodiment of the ills of the modern game and a litmus test for just how far the world’s favorite sport had gone from being the working man’s game to the Oligarch’s latest play thing. Confusingly, the brand guardians at Samsung thought this would be the image they would want for their company.

Anyway, petty football rivalries aside Samsung have continued making their brand less likeable by now trying even harder to be likable. Lets face it, there’s nothing like desperation and neediness to make you less attractive. The amazing thing about this is that it’s the second iteration of this campaign, the original got panned so they re-cut and re-released it.

The film itself just feels like viral by numbers to me, you can imagine the “creatives” on this account getting the brief, replete with gems like “fresh”, “out of the box”, “guerrilla” and “edgy”, and rubbing their grubby little mits. They’ve even embellished it with the standard talking heads and, even worse, cringe inducing web speak in the form of “FTW” (which, for those of you who have a life and a soul and may not know, means For The Win).

Ugh, I feel all torrid now and need to go and have a wash. Anyway, have a read of some of the video comments for some extra derision.