Obviously Twitter being news isn’t really news any more, strangely though many people I know who have embraced digitality with admirable gusto still don’t really get it. Essentially what happens is that Josh or Jade Public sign up to their Twitter account, look up @wossy etc and then wander off bored. Try as I might I have tried to explain the concept of Twitter but often many people want their social experience served up on a plate ala facebook.

Anyway, Twitter is not great in and of itself. What makes Twitter great is the fact that the code and content can be molded and shaped into any number of different things and presented in a myriad of ways. Anyway, what I’ve attempted to do here is bring together my five favorite Twitter apps, there are probably about another 10-15 that I’d recommend people to use for specific purposes.

Number One


Simply wonderful application that allows me to segregate my pretty large band of followers into manageable groups, I use this on my own account and even though you have to download it it’s pretty robust and easy to use. It also has a lovely search facility and shortens your urls for you quickly and easily. Oh and it also shows your facebook friends status to boot.

Number Two


Mobypic has been around for a fair old while now, essentially it allows mobile phone camera users to upload their photos and videos and tweets a link to your tweeple. It also works with facebook, youtube, blogger, wordpress etc etc. It’s pretty simple to use and a great way of enhancing your tweeting experience.

Number Three


This service lets your friends in Twitter know when you post a new picture on Flickr, similar to MobyPicture but obviously flickr based.

Number Four


If like me you run a blog then you’ll find this absolutely invaluable, TwitterFeed checks the RSS feed to my blog every hour (or whenever you like) and if something new has appeared in the feed it takes the link and tweets it for me. It allows me to customise the tweets so I can add a little message (”new on Totaal:” for example) so followers know what the link is.


Twitterfox is a great little firefox extension that turns your Firefox browser into a twitter client. It isn’t in any way obtrusive, in fact it goes out of its way not to be. It notifies you subtly when your friends update their tweets and allows you to tweet directly from your browser. Great for work based twittering with unsympathetic bosses.

So there you have it, like I say it’s by no means an exhaustive list, just a quick run down of the apps which I find most valuable. Before anybody starts, I would’ve added Seesmic but to be honest I prefer tweetdeck and the assumption I made was that early twitterers would have enough on their plate without multiple accounts to juggle.

(Phil, Sue, Dale) This post is for you BTW :-)