Twitter isn’t all serious, powerful and useful y’know.

Apologies for the lack of updates over the last week or two, I have been very busy working on one or two other pressing things. Namely doing some cool AR (Augmented Reality) research for a friend (some of which I hope to share with you all at a later date), going blind in one eye and attending agricultural shows (don’t ask).

In my earlier post Five Twitter tools you’d be mad not to use I mentioned briefly that the thing that makes Twitter a powerful tool is that it is incredibly versatile. As the last post seemed to get the comments page and my in-box going I thought I’d do another follow up post concentrating on some of the more left field applications that it’s possible to produce.

Whilst the tools here aren’t exactly useful they are fun and certainly add a nice bit of contrast from the usual MLM Marketing nonsense that claim to give you squillions of targeted followers. So, without further ado here are Five delightfully pointless but cool twitter tools:


I love this tool, twitter has a lot of buzz out there but amongst the noise it’s sometimes very easy to completely forget there are beautiful, raw human emotions behind every tweet. Love, Hate, Feel, Wish, Think and Believe are all clickable and whoosh, you are straight into the hopes, dreams yearnings and aspirations of random people throughout the globe. Both heartfelt and pointless, Twistori is just pure genius.


So pointless it’s painful, that’s not necessarily a bad thing though. Especially when the pointlessness is as beautifully done. Essentially this tool just captures the the tweets that contain “zzz” or “zzzz” and renders them in a slightly mesmeric way. Typically, something this cool and unquantifiable can only be French, random quote I saw whilst getting the link: “I cant believe I got out of bed with a hangoverzzz”.

@Romeo & @Juliet

We all know the plot right? Romeo loves Juliet, the Capulets hate the Montagues and everyone dies in the end. Just when you thought Baz Lurid made R&J too modern Twitter steps in to take it one step further, the whole play Tweeted over and over into infinity. It’s not as simple as all that though, which I guess makes it even more pointless, you have to follow the Narrator and all the Narrator’s friends, and then and only then will you see the complete play appear in your feed. You thought it was a ball ache at school didn’t you?


Ever wondered how much your Twitter profile is worth? No, me neither. Confusingly Tweetvalue has and whats more they have gone one step further and quantified it. Currently mine is worth over $500 which could buy me a on litre T-Reg Volkswagen Polo. Google’s on the other hand could fetch them a whopping $20,000, which I’m sure they would spend on a Prius or possibly a night with Christiano Ronaldo.


If, like me, you are a people watcher then I’m sure from time to time you get the odd “whaddayoulookingat?” back, with Pingwire you can be as voyeuristic as you want without fear of reprisals. There’s the odd NSFW as well as the odd WTF but it really is the gift that keeps on giving, especially as I’m not massively against either.

So there you have it, the silly, the pointless and the downright odd. I never said Twitter was entirely useful did I?