It’s a rare thing that I come across something that gets me all moist on more than one level. In fact right now the only thing I can think of is a torch, torches are both great for going down in the cellar with AND for pretending you own a light sabre. Any man who tells you he doesnt pretend torches are light sabres is either lying or Amish*.

These little chaps are called Pokens, they are great and they have that exact same effect as a torch does. I first saw them at a conference last month, Andy Piper, IBM’s Social Bridge Builder waved one around whilst speaking at a conference and I immediately tried to google them on the Crackberry but sadly I misheard. Let’s just say, Googling “Pokem” returns oodles of tiny pictures of assorted Japanese Anime characters with confusing names.

Anyway, these “Pokens” are fantastic little gadgets that let you connect social network profiles with other Poken owners by touching the jolly little fellows hands together, or as they delightfully put it “High Fouring”. They come in a pleasant range of styles and fit on your keyring. In short they are everything your pre-pubescent self ever thought was cool and what’s more they cut out that unseemly and excruciating “hey, remember me from last friday!?” olnine conversations.
I wholheartedly apologise if I have casued any offence to my small but dedicated Amish following.